Tuesday, December 4, 2012

JDev/ADF sample - ADF Mobile - Implementing Reusable Mobile Architecture

  • ADF Mobile - Implementing Reusable Mobile Architecture. Reusability was always a strong part of ADF. The same high reusability level is supported now in ADF Mobile also. I have a blog, where ADF reusability architecture is described through ADF Libraries and ADF Task Flows - Integration in Oracle ADF Through ADF Libraries and ADF Task Flows. This blog was posted in 2009, now this architecture approach became de facto standard and is applied in every ADF project. We go mobile and apply similar architecture pattern for reusability through ADF Mobile libraries (Feature Archive Files) and ADF Mobile Feature sets. You can read more about ADF Mobile Feature Archive Files here - 5.12 Working with Feature Archive Files. Main goal of this post is to prove technically that reusable architecture concept works for ADF Mobile.
    Download - mobilereusable.zip

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