Saturday, December 8, 2012

JDev/ADF sample - Good To Know - Conflicting View Objects and Shared Entity

  • Good To Know - Conflicting View Objects and Shared Entity. While killing various issues and helping developers to get up to speed, during this week I encountered interesting ADF behavior - I would like to share it with you. Firstly it took some time to locate it and then I managed to reproduce it with sample application. Use case: 1 EO and 2 separate VO's, based on the same EO. You should admit, is quite common use case - often we share EO's across different forms and usually we implement dedicated VO's for each form (in most of the cases, hardly we can reuse the same VO with different View Criterias applied, because each form usually have different joins and different Master-Detail View Link relationships). Two separate VO's were conflicting during insert operation, more specifically - overridden create(AttributeList) method was invoked by the framework incorrectly. This method was overridden on VO (not on EO) level for a reason, because even VO's were based on the same EO - DB sequences for each of them were supposed to be different. I will describe it below - I hope it will be more clear at the end of this post, what I'm trying to explain (at this stage I believe is not) :).
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