Thursday, July 26, 2012

JDev/ADF sample - Refreshing ADF Page Template from ADF Fragment Template

  • Refreshing ADF Page Template from ADF Fragment Template. I had a blog about how to refresh ADF template content from fragment - ADF Page Template Refresh From ADF Page Fragment. There I was describing you can apply Partial Trigger to the template. There is another scenario for template refresh. Let's say we have two templates - page and fragment templates. Those two templates are completely unrelated on design time and only on runtime are rendered as one. When building custom UI Shell, you may require to refresh components available in page template from fragment template. How to do this - if two templates are just separate files and there are no references. Well - keep in mind on runtime all templates are just one JSF tree. This means we can reach Page template from nested Fragment template through JSF tree. I will describe how.
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