Friday, July 27, 2012

JDev/ADF sample - LOV Implementation with ADF BC Service-Enabled Entity Objects

  • LOV Implementation with ADF BC Service-Enabled Entity Objects. I had a question about use case related to ADF architecture for different databases access. ADF system was running on multiple databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2) at once. Part of the data was coming from Oracle DB, LOV's data from Microsoft SQL Server, the rest from IBM DB2. ADF BC 11g connects to all three databases and can work without issues. However, from architecture point of view - ADF BC Model project is configured with database type, means ADF BC Model can connect to only one DB type. If we want to connect to other DB type, need to have separate ADF BC Model project. No problem with that - only one question. How we can integrate all these projects with different DB types together. One of the possible solutions for this scenario I will describe in today post -  ADF BC Service-Enabled Entity Objects. I have blogged about it back in 2009, always nice to revisit same topic after couple of years - Web Service Interface for ADF BC Application Module in Oracle Fusion 11g and Service-Enabled Entity Objects in Oracle Fusion 11g.
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