Thursday, January 20, 2011

JDev/ADF sample - WebCenter PS3 Navigation Model - Menu Out Of The Box

  • WebCenter PS3 Navigation Model - Menu Out Of The Box. With the new release of JDeveloper - PS3, we can install WebCenter PS3 extensions (use Check for Updates, see here). There are tons of new features, and bugs also? Let's hope that no :) Product is definitely improving with new features and becoming really attractive. New term is introduced - WebCenter Portal Framework application. This means we are not building anymore just WebCenter applications based on ADF framework. We are implementing portals ! Sounds inspiring - too good to be true? :) Well we will see, how stable this product will be - I will cover many topics from functionality to performance, in my future posts. Seems like lots of material for blogging this year ! :) On positive note - remember early ADF 11g TP releases, it takes time to make it solid. Now we can work with really stable framework. Today I will start with easy topic - introduce WebCenter PS3 Navigation Model. Remember those times when we were implementing database driven dynamic menus ? Good - now you can forget it, now we have declarative dynamic menu provided by WebCenter PS3. One of the key things - its not limited to work only with one type of content. It supports everything - pages, ADF task flows, UCM content, external Web pages. Please read - Building a Navigation Model for Your Portal and Visualizing Your Portal Navigation from WebCenter PS3 developer guide. Its very useful to be aware of different options for Expression Language related to navigation.
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