Wednesday, January 26, 2011

JDev/ADF sample - ADF 11g PS3 Runtime Performance 2-3 Times Faster vs. ADF 11g PS2

  • ADF 11g PS3 Runtime Performance 2-3 Times Faster vs. ADF 11g PS2. There are really exciting news with ADF 11g PS3, I did some practical test experiments and can see that ADF runtime performance with the new release is about 2-3 times faster comparing to previous ADF 11g PS2 release. Performance tests were done on production project, I replicated the same tests on sample application based on standard example HR schema from Oracle XE database. Both tests for PS2 and PS3 were done on the same machine, the same ADF application. I will not only describe performance improvements in PS3, but will go a bit deeper and describe performance friendly patterns for CRUD type operations. I will be focusing on editable/read-only ADF tables comparison for CRUD type operations - CRUD Operations in Oracle ADF 11g Table Without Auto PPR
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Barry said...

Nice one! You definitely get the feel that it's faster, especially with popups.

Also, we have a region, and the start page in that taskflow was not a simple page.. In PS2, when the containing page loaded, the region would render in a small area, then stretch when complete, a second later - it looked terrible! That seems to have improved greatly as well :)