Thursday, May 13, 2010

JDev/ADF sample - JDeveloper 11g PS2: ADF Region Reuse Inside ADF Region

  • JDeveloper 11g PS2: ADF Region Reuse Inside ADF Region. When I work with more complex Use Cases, it happens to face requirement, when it would be very efficient to reuse ADF regions inside another ADF regions. Same as we are using ADF region inside JSF page, to use it from another ADF region. This is quite common requirement especially for such systems, where ADF region based UI Shell is implemented. In such systems, all main screens are represented by ADF regions, sometimes we need to use smaller ADF regions inside. Of course, it was possible to include ADF region inside another ADF region in previous JDeveloper 11g PS1 release as well. But, this approach was not working, with enabled ADF Security. On runtime, security was not propagated to nested ADF regions, and as result these regions were not rendered. Situation is changed now - in JDeveloper 11g PS2, security is propagated for nested ADF regions correctly.
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