Sunday, May 9, 2010

JDev/ADF sample - CRUD Operations in Oracle ADF 11g Table Without Auto PPR

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Angel CODREAN said...

Hello Andrejus

I'm trying to make an application that should change edit some attributes in a row, but I have to also do it manual(name, price, etc.) and automatically(current user, current date,etc.)
I created a popup dialog, which allows me to modify the attributes manually.
And for the automatically modifications, I made an java code which I embedded it in the model.view.myTable and I created a dataControler for it.

The problem which I have is that the manual modifications commit succesfully, but the automatically ones doesnt.(They sort of commit during that session:the table values update, and if I refresh, they are stil there, but when I reopen the application, the modifications aren't committed)

Can you help me with a solution?
Thank you in advance,