Thursday, January 24, 2008

JDev/ADF sample - Using af:popup Component in JDeveloper 11g

  • Using af:popup Component in JDeveloper 11g. This component is available in JDeveloper 11g ADF Faces Rich Client, I personally like how it works and how it looks. In this post I will show a use case where this component can be applied. Sample application is based on standard HR schema from Oracle XE database. However, I have extended this schema a little bit, by adding new column to EMPLOYEES table. New column is called ACTION_COMMENT and is used to implement defined use case. You can find SQL script needed to create this column in lt.andrejusb.model.sql.actioncomment file.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrejus. I will like to know how can I use the popup to show several images at once whitout using the carousel component??? I hope you can help me. Thanks

PS: Can you send me the answer to his mail

Thanks again.