Tuesday, January 15, 2008

JDev/ADF sample - Complex Calculated Values in Oracle ADF af:table Component

  • Complex Calculated Values in Oracle ADF af:table Component. Title of this post not accidentally contains word 'complex', developed sample application is really a bit complex, but I will try to describe it in easy way. Some time ago I was blogging about how to include calculated column into af:table component - Calculated Column in ADF Faces af:table Component. But, it was just separate read-only calculated column based on values available in other columns. However, what if you need to include calculation logic for database table related column and on the same time allow it to be editable. Developed sample application is based on HR schema available in Oracle XE database and implements logic that allows to edit two calculated columns - MinSalary and MaxSalary.
    Download - CalculatedComplex.zip

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