Tuesday, April 26, 2016

JDev/ADF sample - Optimize ADF HTTP Response Size with ChangeEventPolicy

  • Optimize ADF HTTP Response Size with ChangeEventPolicy. You should read this post, if you are looking how to reduce ADF HTTP response size. This can be important for ADF application performance tuning, to improve PPR request response time. By default in ADF 12.2.1, iterator is assigned with ChangeEventPolicy = ppr. This works great for UI component bindings refresh, no need to set individual partial triggers. On other side, this generates extra content in ADF HTTP response and eventually increases response size. I would recommend to use ChangeEventPolicy = ppr, only when its really needed - dynamic forms, with unknown refresh dependencies. Otherwise set ChangeEventPolicy = none, to generate smaller response.
    Download - ChangeEventPolicyPPRApp.zip

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