Sunday, May 11, 2014

JDev/ADF sample - Comparing ADF View Object and Row Fetch Execution Times

  • Comparing ADF View Object and Row Fetch Execution Times. I bet one of the most common doubts ADF developer, or may be DB admin, has - why VO SQL executes slower than the one identical from SQL Plus? This is often the case, but there is nothing VO SQL to blame about. Usually VO SQL executes in almost same time, as it would execute in SQL Plus - but there is extra added time of row fetch. When ADF UI page is rendering, data becomes available after VO is executed and rows are fetched from result. These two separate technical actions, look like one for ADF UI user - data will not be displayed, until it is not fetched. So, there is extra time for row fetch on top of VO SQL query execution. This is why - displaying data in ADF UI, could be slower than displaying it in SQL Plus.
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