Thursday, March 6, 2014

JDev/ADF sample - Why You Don't Want to Code Validation in Before Commit

  • Why You Don't Want to Code Validation in Before Commit. You should know by now - there are many things possible in ADF, but it doesn't mean every solution is right, even if it works. One example of such case - coding validation rules in beforeCommit method. This method is invoked after all changes are posted and ADF BC assumes data is valid, if we throw later validation error from beforeCommit - ADF BC state remains unchanged and changed data is not submitted again. There is a workaround to set jbo.txn.handleafterpostexc=true and to force in memory passivation snapshot with subsequent activation on validation error - however, this is a big performance hit. Every time, where there will be validation error - rollback will be executed and entire AM with all VO instances will be re-activated (SQL re-executed and data re-fetched). Today post is about bad practice, to demonstrate why you should not code validation in beforeCommit method.
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