Monday, November 4, 2013

JDev/ADF sample - Smart Declarative Mode Support in ADF BC View Object Join

  • Smart Declarative Mode Support in ADF BC View Object Join. Declarative mode is known feature of ADF BC and promoted by Steve Muench back in 2008 - Declarative Data Filtering. Declarative mode allows to construct SQL statement on runtime dynamically, based on displayed attributes and ADF bindings in page definition. This is specifically useful for systems created with ADF, where tables are generic and contain long list of attributes. Instead of loading all attributes from DB, it makes perfect sense to load only required ones. There is one more cool feature of declarative mode - it knows how control SQL join on View Object level. Meaning - if attributes coming from joined EO are not rendered, ADF BC will update SQL statement and remove such join. Runtime control for joins is really important, as it may give real additional performance to the system.
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