Saturday, September 7, 2013

JDev/ADF sample - Understanding ADF Task Flow Page Flow Scope Lifetime

  • Understanding ADF Task Flow Page Flow Scope Lifetime. I would say its a bit confusing to understand - how long objects stored in Page Flow Scope really reside in memory. This is a reason I implemented small sample application and did a test. Summary for the results (see detailed description below):

    1. Every ADF task flow instance is granted with its own Page Flow Scope

    2. Page Flow Scope is not destroyed when you navigate away from the task flow

    3. You can access previously left Page Flow Scope only by using Task Flow Return activity

    This allows me to presume that is not really good to have many small ADF task flows in the system, as theoretically there will be a lot of wasted Page Flow Scope entries, especially when navigating without retuning back. On contrary, when using larger ADF task flows and less of them - there will be less Page Flow Scope memory wasted.
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