Tuesday, July 16, 2013

JDev/ADF sample - Researching ADF 12c Connection Threshold Property Functionality

  • Researching ADF 12c Connection Threshold Property Functionality. ADF 12c developer guide describes new ADF BC tuning property - Disconnect Application Module Upon Reaching Maximum Connection Threshold (jbo.ampool.connection_threshold). I was doing a bit of research around this property and testing how it works. It looks to me - it doesn't work yet, as it should. You should be careful using jbo.ampool.connection_threshold. As per developer guide, connection threshold functionality is enabled when threshold value is set to positive number. Once AM pool will grow more than this number, ADF BC will start disconnecting and releasing DB connections for the least used AM's. Disconnect will happen during AM pool cleanup, developer guide recommends to configure shorter pool cleanup interval (jbo.ampool.monitorsleepinterval). With normal ADF BC DB pooling enabled, disconnect will happen after each request. In theory connection threshold is supposed to optimize this and do disconnect only when exceeding configured threshold and during pool cleanup cycle. However this doesn't seem to work, at least based on my test.
    Download - ADFBCConnThresholdApp.zip

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