Sunday, April 7, 2013

JDev/ADF sample - List View - Cool Looking ADF PS6 Component for Collections

  • List View - Cool Looking ADF PS6 Component for Collections. I'm very excited about ADF PS6 release, it brings new freshness and coolness feeling to ADF. ADF Faces runtime performance seems to be incomparable faster and much more responsive comparing to previous ADF 11g R1 and even ADF 11g R2 releases. This gives good hopes to expect the same improvements in ADF 12c. There is new ADF Faces component introduced - List View. You can think about it as about much more liberal ADF Faces table component. List View renders data collections but there is much more control and flexibility how data collection is presented visually. If you need to render strict tabular data - ADF Faces table is the most suitable, List View is for something less structured. We could achieve up till now similar layout as List View with custom implementation using ADF Faces iterators or for each tags. Of course it is much easier now to use out of the box List View tag - Displaying a Collection in a List.
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