Thursday, March 21, 2013

JDev/ADF sample - Coding Validation in ADF BC View Object Before Commit Method

  • Coding Validation in ADF BC View Object Before Commit Method. First thing you should do - never implement validation logic in beforeCommit() method, this is especially true for beforeCommit() in VO Implementation class. Why? Because beforeCommit() method will be invoked even if data will not be changed, it is enough just to open VO instance and query data. We can have many VO instances for the same EO and all of them will trigger beforeCommit() methods implemented in VO Implementation. You could open one page, close it without changes and open another page. Once you invoke Commit operation in second page, beforeCommit() method from the VO's involved into first page will be called as well. This means it would trigger validation for the page which is currently closed. On other hand, it is understandable why developers try to code validation logic in beforeCommit(), standard ADF BC validation lifecycle is unpredictable sometimes, it fires validation rules too early. But it still not a good excuse to use beforeCommit() - I will show you why.
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