Sunday, January 27, 2013

JDev/ADF sample - Data Access Optimization in ADF with Oracle Coherence

  • Data Access Optimization in ADF with Oracle Coherence. ADF BC is accessing database each time user is loading new page or accessing new Web session. Once data is retrieved, data is cached usually for the duration of the current session. If there are lots of users accessing the same data - we may encounter performance bottleneck in querying database each time for new user access. To optimize this, we can use Oracle Coherence - data will be loaded and cached in the middle-tier, it will be served for all users without accessing database each time. Data in Coherence cache can be updated, removed and synchronized back with the database - but this is out of scope for current post. I would like to explain today how to apply Coherence for ADF project in really simple and understandable way - it can be as a startup for your more advanced research and performance tuning.
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