Tuesday, October 30, 2012

JDev/ADF sample - ADF Mobile - Login Functionality

  • ADF Mobile - Login Functionality. This post will be about new Oracle product - ADF Mobile. While ADF Mobile is deployed as native application, ADF Mobile Browser option is available as well - it allows to build lightweight ADF UI pages and host them on central server (check my previous post from 2011 about ADF Mobile Browser - iPhone Web Application Development With ADF Mobile Browser). New ADF Mobile approach with native deployment is cool when you want to access phone functionality (camera, email, sms and etc.), also when you want to build mobile applications with advanced UI. Same time ADF Mobile Browser remains very important for enterprise customers, because it simplifies development, deployment and maintenance procedure. If you want to expose simple worklist with approval/rejection to mobile interface, it would work just fine with ADF Mobile Browser approach (as per blog post above).
    Download - adfmobilelogin.zip

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Anonymous said...

I want to ask , what about the performance of the ADF Mobile ?? does the JVM slow the apps ?