Sunday, September 9, 2012

JDev/ADF sample - What To Do When ADF Editable Table Misbehaves

  • What To Do When ADF Editable Table Misbehaves. You know sometimes its a challenge to get correct behavior for ADF editable table - meaning, to have it as much as possible aligned with smooth user experiences. One of the challenges to control when validation rules are fired - often validation is fired too early or too often (same validation error messages are repeated multiple times). In some cases this can be resolved by setting Change Event Policy = None on iterator (default is Auto PPR), but still this doesn't cover all scenarios. There is special case when ADF editable table is set to support multi-selection. With multi-selection enabled, even setting Change Event Policy to None doesn't help - validation is still fired too early. But there is solution - set Immediate property to True for ADF editable table component - this will allow to skip annoying validation messages when editing data. Validation failure messages will show up on transaction commit - invalid fields will be highlighted in red.
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