Friday, September 21, 2012

JDev/ADF sample - ADF Create and CreateInsert Operations for ADF Table

  • ADF Create and CreateInsert Operations for ADF Table. I bet every ADF developer was wondering in his life at least once - what operation to use to insert new row into ADF table - Create or CreateInsert. This one is a must question from developer who starts ADF development. Answer - use CreateInsert operation to insert new rows into ADF table or form. Create operation works with form component only. However, this is not so obvious - I saw such situations when developers where stuck for some time, because they were unable to implement new row insertion (just because of using Create, instead of CreateInsert). It looks like CreateInsert operation calls additional functionality to push newly created record and really display it in ADF table just after operation is completed. But Create operation is missing that part. I will describe in this post with example.
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