Monday, April 2, 2012

JDev/ADF sample - Red Samurai MDS Cleaner V2.0

  • Red Samurai MDS Cleaner V2.0. Here we go, you can download Red Samurai MDS Cleaner V2.0. This tool is designed to work with plain ADF applications, as well as with WebCenter Portal or WebCenter Spaces applications. It allows to delete and edit corrupted or obsolete MDS entries. Functionality summary - search, view, edit and delete MDS customizations for ADF/WebCenter applications. Why we need such tool - MDS is black box and is really hard to revert to correct state when user creates corrupted MDS customizations or MDS breaks by itself. Red Samurai MDS Cleaner is designed to help Oracle Fusion administrators to resolve MDS related issues quickly. There are many ways how to break MDS, user don't need to be Chuck Norris to break it, you know it. We are here to help you.
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