Thursday, March 15, 2012

JDev/ADF sample - Use Case for ADF BC With No Database Connection

  • Use Case for ADF BC With No Database Connection. There is very good sample application from Steve Muench - #147 ADFBC Application With No Database Connection (not yet documented). I was using it to implement recent request from the project, its why I would like to document it. We had a discussion with SOA developers and they were wondering if its possible to run ADF BC application, without DB access. This is quite common use case in SOA projects, there is no direct access to DB and we need to consume data through Web Service layer, as for example. Yes its possible and I see quite strong advantage of ADF BC, even when working with non DB data sources - its easy to centralize data access through programmatic VO's, its fast to expose programmatic VO through Data Control and finally is easy to capture user data input, use out of the box functions to process user data (getting current row from VO, iterating over row set, creating new rows, deleting rows, etc.). This can be as alternative for Web Service Data Control.
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