Saturday, March 3, 2012

JDev/ADF sample - Proxy ViewObject and Dynamic Editable UI in ADF

  • Proxy ViewObject and Dynamic Editable UI in ADF. ADF Bindings and Data Control maps together ADF BC and ADF UI. Mapping by default is static, means ADF UI renders data collection from specific VO mapped during design time. Sometime we have requirement to change data collection rendered on ADF UI during runtime. Dynamic UI can be implemented with dynamic VO's in combination with ADF Faces Dynamic Tags (Shay Shmeltzer's blog - ADF Faces Dynamic Tags - For a Form that Changes Dynamically). Dynamic VO's are created from SQL statements during runtime - such VO's will be readonly and hard to maintain. Moreover, its very hard to customize ADF Faces Dynamic Tags layout for custom UI requirements. We can set iterator binding in Page Definition dynamically, but this works only for Master-Detail VO instances - Dynamic Iterator Binding to Reuse View Link Relationship for Master-Detail. I will present in this blog post different technique how to implement dynamic editable ADF UI, assuming number of rendered attributes is not changing - but changing data collection.
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