Saturday, October 15, 2011

JDev/ADF sample - ADF BC Tuning with Do Connection Pooling and TXN Disconnect Level

  • ADF BC Tuning with Do Connection Pooling and TXN Disconnect Level. For one of my previous posts, Steve Muench was pointing out that there is option to tune data source usage in ADF by setting jbo.doconnectionpooling = true and jbo.txn.disconnect_level = 1. You can find Steve comment here - How To Speed Up Application Undeployment in JDeveloper 11g R2. If your application contains many application modules (let's say 50) and there are lots of concurrent users working at the same time, with default ADF BC settings we would reserve large number of database connections. Reserved connection will be hanging until AM instance will be destroyed. This is not what we want, especially with high number of concurrent users. If we set jbo.doconnectionpooling = true, database connection will be reserved only during HTTP request and then released. Thats not good, because lots of AM passivation/activation will happen. However, with second property - jbo.txn.disconnect_level = 1, ADF BC instead of passivating/activating  to database, will keep AM data in memory during HTTP requests. It will passivate/activate as expected, only if AM instance will be granted to another session (situation when no free AM instances in the pool).
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