Sunday, July 31, 2011

JDev/ADF sample - How To Handle Web Browser Buttons in ADF/WebCenter Applications

  • How To Handle Web Browser Buttons in ADF/WebCenter Applications. ADF/WebCenter technology typically is used to implement transactional logic and transfer desktop applications functionality into web browser. Based on this, many questions can be asked, for example - what will happen if user press browser Refresh button during pending transaction or what will happen if browser will be closed at all during transaction. We are not asking same questions for pure web type applications, but ADF/WebCenter is different case. There is no 100% working option to control web browser buttons and to disable them from inside of our application, this would break browser security and allow hackers to lock users into specific web site. We can try to clear browser cache, etc. - but this is not working with ADF/WebCenter applications. However, there is option to inform user proactively about browser related even, that can potentially break application functionality, for example - browser will be closed, page will be refreshed by Refresh button, etc. We can catch these events and warn user from ADF/WebCenter application. I will describe in this blog post, how to implement such warning.
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