Sunday, June 19, 2011

JDev/ADF sample - JDev 11g R2 - ADF BC Dependency Diagram Feature

  • JDev 11g R2 - ADF BC Dependency Diagram Feature. ins type is still supported though. Most of the projects tend to contain huge numbers of ADF BC objects and different dependencies between them. It was always very complex job, especially during refactoring, to understand these dependencies and make sure no Association or View Link is lost. With JDeveloper 11g R2, this job becomes much easier - we are given ADF BC diagrammer tool out of the box. This diagrammer tool can visualize ADF BC Association and View Link dependencies between EO's and VO's respectively.
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Zolbayar said...

hello my name's Zoloo, how quick search from many tables??? help me please ^__^

Andrejus Baranovskis said...


Probably you can create join between these tables?

If join is not working, then you could search on every table separately and at the end merge produced results into programmatic VO.