Saturday, May 14, 2011

JDev/ADF sample - ADF Business Components Entity Object Read Permission or (1 = 2)

  • ADF Business Components Entity Object Read Permission or (1 = 2). One more interesting thing encountered this week, during integration of ADF Task Flows into WebCenter 11g PS3. We were using ADF library JAR files and integrating ADF Task Flows into WebCenter 11g PS3 Menu Model. ADF Task Flows were rendered fine inside WebCenter, however data was not coming. Funniest thing, while checking detail log, we saw that ADF appends multiple (1 = 2) conditions to original SQL statement - naturally its why data was not queried, but why (1=2) was appended? First we thinking, may be WebCenter is playing some evil games and modifying SQL statements on runtime. However, at the end it was proved WebCenter was unrelated to this problem, problem was related to ADF Security and ADF BC EO's permissions. The thing is, some of the EO's from common library were enabled with ADF Security read permissions and packaged into ADF libraries. Once such EO's are imported into secured ADF environment, permissions are evaluated on runtime - if user is not granted with read permission, no data is returned. Okej, but what we really didn't expected, is to see ADF generating (1=2) conditions for those EO's, where we didn't had permission to read.
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