Thursday, March 10, 2011

JDev/ADF sample - How to Enable Create Operation Security Check for ADF BC

  • How to Enable Create Operation Security Check for ADF BC. Out of the box in ADF BC, we don't have control over create operation security. In order to prevent unauthorized create operations, we need to define update operation security permissions, this will disable input fields for newly created record - user will not be able to insert blank record into database (validation will fail). However, sometimes this is not enough, we had requirement recently to protect EO from unauthorized create operations in advance, before blank row will be inserted. While I was working on this blog post, I saw Frank Nimphius post on ADF Code Corner for the same topic this week (coincidence), check sample 76. While its same topic, I will post my sample application as well, I will be looking more from functional requirements side and project based use case. Thanks to Frank's post, I was able to improve my sample. Please refer to chapter 39.10 Declaratively Preventing Insert, Update, and Delete from ADF Developer Guide - I will prevent create operation, using on described methods.
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