Sunday, December 12, 2010

JDev/ADF sample - JSF Page Template for JSF Page Fragment In Oracle ADF 11g

  • JSF Page Template for JSF Page Fragment In Oracle ADF 11g. Long time ago, back in early 2007, I had a blog post about JSF Page Templates - Templating in Oracle JDeveloper 11g. First technical preview for JDeveloper/ADF 11g was just released and it was my first blog post about 11g version. It was exciting time - I was writing it while flying somewhere between Norway and Denmark. We keep forgetting good things and remember only bad, but just think about - JDeveloper 11g is referencing ADF libraries from ADF Runtime module, but in 10g we were copying these libraries into every application, WEB-INF folder. Yes..., I'm happy to work with 11g. Today I will return to JSF Page Template topic and will describe how you can apply it for JSF Page Fragments and improve reusability across your system. Typically we apply JSF Page Template for JSF Pages, but there are many use cases when templates can be applied for JSF Page Fragments (when using ADF Regions).
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