Sunday, October 17, 2010

JDev/ADF sample - Contextual Events Framework and ADF 11g Dynamic Regions

  • Contextual Events Framework and ADF 11g Dynamic Regions. We were discussing in our project, if we should use Contextual Events Framework or not. Part of the team was saying Contextual Events Framework have quite many defects and who knows, may be it will be unsupported in next ADF releases. However, I personally don't think its the case - Oracle is gathering community feedback for Contextual Events Framework improvements, this means it will be stabilized and improved. For now, I would recommend not to use too much fancy functionality, but stick with fundamental parts of Contextual Events Framework, this will ensure easy migration during future ADF 11g releases.

    When we would need to use Contextual Events Framework? Its possible to communicate between ADF Regions without it, just by using ADF Task Flow parameters - Communicating Between ADF Regions Without Contextual Events Framework. While its true, there is one important thing - direct dependency between two regions. It would work for static predefined systems, but if would expose our ADF Task Flows as components - consumers will decide what combination and what subset of these components will be used in their systems. In this case, we can't map both ADF Task Flows through parameters. Its when Contextual Events Framework is useful, it allows to implement independent communication between ADF 11g regions, and provide these regions as components to third party applications.
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