Monday, June 7, 2010

JDev/ADF sample - LOV Description Text with Groovy

  • LOV Description Text with Groovy. There was a question on ADF EMG group, about LOV description texts. While it is usually recommended to create Association and join description text attribute into VO, sometimes people are looking for different approaches (for one or another reason). Today I will tell you about approach, I recently discovered - to get LOV description text through Groovy script, without joining attribute into VO. With this approach, framework executes fault-in query for description text, directly from EO. This means, instead of one join SQL statement, there will be executed smaller SQL selects for each LOV description, plus main VO. To read more about fault-in queries executed from EO, check Steve Muench blog - Difference Between View Object Select and Entity doSelect() Method.
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Anonymous said...

hi Andrejus
did you ever try to use LOV on table not in a form ?? it seems has a lot of problems like empty the data in all row fields ??? is there any suggestion please??