Friday, October 2, 2009

JDev/ADF sample - Custom Declarative Components in ADF Faces Rich Client

  • Custom Declarative Components in ADF Faces Rich Client. There is one not well advertised, but great feature in Oracle ADF framework - Custom Declarative Components development for ADF Faces Rich Client. Its really powerful thing, because it allows to build your own components based on groups of standard ADF Faces Rich Client components. There is an article on OTN written by Frank Nimphius, where he describes how you can build, deploy and use this type of components - How-to bind Custom Declarative ADF Faces Components to ADF. In my post, I will give you an example of practical usage, and will describe how Custom Declarative Components can be applied.
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Anonymous said...

Hi ,
This is really impressive blog .
I am new to ADF Faces.
Do you have sample ADF Faces Application that i can deploy on wls 10.3.0.
As i am using jdev 11g( but unable to deploy on standalone wls 10.3.0
I will really appreciate any help in this regard.
Thank you
Tahir –

Andrejus Baranovskis said...


You can find sample here -