Thursday, September 10, 2009

JDev/ADF sample - Business Rules in Oracle Fusion 11g

  • Business Rules in Oracle Fusion 11g. Today I'm writing my fourth post in Oracle SOA series and will cover Business Rules functionality. I recommend to check my previous post - Business Events and ADF Business Components in Oracle Fusion 11g, sample application I'm describing today is extended version of application from my previous post. What Business Rule means? Simply speaking, its a container that encapsulates specific functionality logic. In Oracle SOA Suite 11g, Business Rule accepts inputs and returns outputs. This means we can understand Business Rule as a black box in general process flow. This black box can be reused and updated at any point of time, without affecting other components in the flow.
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Spanish Summary:

Este post Andrejus nos explica lo que es un Business Rule (Regla de Negocio) y como lo podemos desarrollar con Jdeveloper. Este post es parte de la coleccion de temas SOA que andrejus ha escrito y que recomienda leerlos antes de revisar este post.

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