Friday, July 17, 2009

JDev/ADF sample - Oracle ADF BC Deployment and Imported Libraries

  • Oracle ADF BC Deployment and Imported Libraries. Last year July, I was writing about ADF BC sharing through JAR libraries across entire application. It works the same in current JDeveloper 11g release, however during deployment on standalone WebLogic server I have noticed some problems. When application with imported ADF BC libraries was deployed, shared ADF BC components were not found on the classpath and page wasn't loaded. For more info about importing shared ADF BC libraries you can find in my previous post - Import Functionality in Oracle ADF BC.
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Spanish Summary:

En anteriores post, se mostró como hacer uso de una libreria ADF BC en otros proyectos usando Jdeveloper 10g. Sin embargo, en la actual versión de la herramienta 11g existen algunos inconvenientes que son resueltos en el siguiente post.

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