Sunday, April 26, 2009

JDev/ADF sample - Inheritance Feature in Oracle ADF BC - Part 1

  • Inheritance Feature in Oracle ADF BC - Part 1. When building large applications with Oracle ADF, you can consider to use inheritance in Oracle ADF BC layer. This can reduce Model complexity in terms of size and relationship. I will split inheritance topic into two parts - today I will describe inheritance with ADF BC Entities, and in my next post with ADF BC View Objects. I recommend to read Oracle ADF Developer guide related topic - 34.7 Using Inheritance in Your Business Domain Layer. In ADF BC you can implement inheritance layer for Entities and create View Objects with polymorphic Entity usages. This means Oracle ADF supports abstraction on both - components and data.
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Spanish Summary:

En este post, Andrejus nos entrega un ejemplo de como aplicar mecanismos de herencia entre entidades de Business Components. En una entrega posterior nos mostrarĂ¡ la manera de implementar herencia entre View Objects.

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