Sunday, December 7, 2008

JDev/ADF sample - Groovy - Multiple LOV's per Attribute in JDeveloper 11g

  • Multiple LOV's per Attribute in JDeveloper 11g. I was blogging previously about multiple LOV's per attribute functionality. I was using RowImpl class for View object in order to calculate value for LOV switcher attribute. However, this approach is not perfect, since it requires to create Java implementation class with getter method. Even more, getter method in RowImpl class is not invoked, when LOV component is triggered in ADF Query Criteria component. I have described this cool component in my previous post - ADF Query Component and View Criteria Functionality with Custom Query Listener in 11g. So, as you probably already understood, I will show better approach for LOV switcher attribute implementation with Groovy language expression, defined as a Value for transient LOV switcher attribute.
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Spanish Summary:

Titulo: Uso del lenguaje Groovy para la creación de Lista de Valores en JDeveloper 11g.

Resumen: Andrejus muestra como crear listas de valores en JDeveloper 11g haciendo uso del lenguaje Groovy.

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