Friday, December 26, 2008

JDev/ADF sample - Bug in ADF Task Flow and ADF Query Component Combination

  • Bug in ADF Task Flow and ADF Query Component Combination. In our project, we have faced interesting bug, I will describe it in this post. This bug is related to three elements - ADF Query Component, ADF Task Flow and Page Definition. Basically speaking, we have two pages in our application, when opening second page from first and closing it - first page wasn't rendered correctly. At first, we were thinking something wrong with our Close button in second page - however after investigation we didn't found anything wrong with it. After all, we did some crazy tests and found the reason of a problem we were facing.
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Spanish Summary:

Titulo: Bugs en el uso combinado de ADF Task flow and ADF Query Component.

Resumen: En este articulo, Andrejus muestra otro bug que tiene la herramienta, la cual se produce cuando se utiliza varios ADF Task Flow que muestra los mismos resultados basados en una consulta de datos. La soluciĆ³n finalmente radica en que ambos task flow compartan el mismo DataControl.

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