Sunday, October 5, 2008

JDev/ADF sample - Multiple LOV's per Attribute in JDeveloper 11g

  • Multiple LOV's per Attribute in JDeveloper 11g. During OOW 2008 I have attended Steve Muench talk about new features in ADF Business Components available in 11g release - Oracle ADF: New Declarative Validation, LOV, Search, and Services Features. Those features will be available in Production release, announced to appear this month. However, Oracle ACE Directors already have access to production release candidate - JDeveloper 11g Release Candidate for ACE Directors, so I'm able to test those new features. Very imporant new feature for me - possibility to define multiple LOV's per one attribute. Previously it was possible to have only one LOV defined in Model layer per attribute. In this post I will describe how it works, based on mentioned Steve Muench presentation, and will publish sample application I have developed. You will not be able to run this sample in TP4, only in production when it will be available (I hope very soon).
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Fred said...

Any explanations with this test application ? ;)

Andrejus Baranovskis said...


Yes, you can use a link to main post: