Thursday, August 7, 2008

JDev/ADF sample - Glasspane in ADF Faces RC

  • Glasspane in ADF Faces RC. You can build very cool systems, based on excellent architecture design, with ADF BC or EJB in Model layer and with ADF Task Flows in View Controller layer. However, when it comes time for functional test, tester can break all things only with one question - why when I pressed Apply button and at the same time have pressed couple of other buttons, I got some unexpected result? Well, you probably will answer - you need to wait after Apply button is pressed some minute until operation will be finished and only after it will be done you can press other buttons. I'm sure, tester will not be satisfied with such answer, and application will not be accepted. However, things are not so bad as you can imagine, Frank Nimphius have described how to block page screen during long operation - How-to build a reusable Glasspane in ADF Faces RC. Please read Frank's article, before reading my post, since current post is completely based on it. Here I will describe with sample application how to refresh the screen to show the visual results of the long running operation.
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