Sunday, May 4, 2008

JDev/ADF sample - ADF Faces Rich Client - Complex Validation

  • ADF Faces Rich Client - Complex Validation. During this week I was working on business rules implementation design in my project. I got one really not usual business rule for UI, the thing is that client is Oracle Forms customer. So, in general this business rule was defined like - "When validation for particular field is failed, user must be not allowed to move to other fields". If you have noticed, in ADF Faces RC by default users are allowed to move focus to other fields and enter data, even if validation for some field is failed. I was trying to use direct DOM manipulation to implement this rule, but without success. I have discussed this with Frank Nimphius (Principal Product Manager in Oracle) and he suggested working solution based on ADF Faces client framework. Actually I will document it in this blog post. Also you can read ADF Faces Rich Client - JavaScript Programming Nuggets page from Frank Nimphius blog.
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