Wednesday, December 19, 2007

JDev/ADF sample - Oracle Spatial and TopLink 11g

  • Oracle Spatial and TopLink 11g. This spring I was blogging about Oracle Spatial object type oracle.spatial.geometry.JGeometry support in TopLink Essentials JPA - Oracle Spatial and TopLink Essentials JPA. But time dont wait, and we already have TopLink 11g that comes with Oracle JDeveloper 11g Technical Preview 2. In TopLink 11g support for JGeometry object type is much simplified and can be used in more convenient way. Developed sample application contains Model and ViewController projects. In Model part, TopLink 11g is used to build persistence layer. In ViewController part, User Interface is developed with ADF Faces Rich Client. In order to run developed sample application you need to have Oracle MapViewer demo dataset MVDEMO in your database. You can download dataset from OTN and install it into your database as separate schema.
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