Thursday, October 25, 2007

JDev/ADF sample - Security in Oracle ADF and Automatic Page Loading

  • Security in Oracle ADF and Automatic Page Loading. In enterprise applications, automatic page loading based on user role is used quite often. Automatic page load is done during user login phase. This means that when user with role A enters into system, page X will be opened for him. And in the same way, when user with role B enters into system, page Y will be opened. Information about which page to open is acquired from security container, but how to open dynamically one or another page - here is the question.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sample. i am new to J2ee World and trying to understand your sample.

is this below code is what caused the login to appear


and how and where the the user id/ password setup and validated ?

Best Regards

Andrejus Baranovskis said...

Hi Rao,

Yes - for your first question.

You can read more info about this topic in my previous post - J2EE Container-Managed Authentication.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your quick response. i think i understand now. still some questions though.

how does it know to look at

instead of the oc4j config folder jazn-data.xml

and while deploying this application, do we need add this user list to jazn-data.xml of the server oc4j instance or is it possible to include OnPageLoadAuthorization-jazn-data.xml file when creating war/ear file

Thanks for your time


Anonymous said...

Andrejus ,
i think i understood the difference between jazn-data.xml and worksapce-jazn-data.xml after reading this post from frank


amarnadh said...


I am new to Oracle 10g Portal.I want to display portlets based on user role.i.e; if a portal page contains 10 portlets,if user 1 login based on his 5 portlets on the paghe should display and if user2 login based on his role all 10 portlets should display

Andrejus Baranovskis said...


Sorry, this post not related to Oracle 10g Portal. It's related to security in Oracle ADF applications.


Anonymous said...

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