Saturday, July 21, 2007

JDev/ADF sample - Invoking BPEL Process from Oracle ADF Application

  • Invoking BPEL Process from Oracle ADF Application. SOA is important technology, because it allows developers to find common language with business analysts and as result to develop more useful systems. Simply speaking, SOA allows to participate in system development both parties - IT and non IT. IT folks develop technical things and non IT people are allowed to manage system logic. My goal is to show, how it looks in reality, and how it works with Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle SOA Suite. Sample applications are developed using Oracle JDeveloper and BPEL process is tested on Oracle BPEL Process Manager Web application Model layer is implemented using Oracle ADF Business Components and is based on standard HR schema, in View layer ADF Faces components are used. Developed synchronous BPEL process access HR schema using Oracle TopLink.
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Paul said...


Would you happen to know where I might find an example of BPEL invoking an ADF-BC?