Saturday, June 23, 2007

JDev/ADF sample - Create, Edit and Delete operations in Master-Detail af:table components

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Hari Nair said...

Good papers on Oracle ADF

Dear Andrejus

I am new to Oracle ADF, worked extensievely with oracle forms. I am looking forward to use Oracle ADF for a new system comprising about 300 Master-detail-detail forms.

1- Can I do extensive validation using Oracle10g, ADF and Jdeveloper
2- Can I display/hide FIELDS/ Data Grids based on some condition . Example, if batch is applicable, display batch grid etc.
3- To what extend, I can write code for fine control, other than the default form layout
4 - In most forms, there are coplex logic

I did a small POC using Oracle ADF .

Please help/suggest.

Hari Nair